Saturday, April 17, 2010

You are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me...

I have had good days, I have had bad days,
I have had lucky days, I have had unlucky ones as well.
But it is the good ones to eventually remember,
The sad ones you slowly forget.

But my advice is that never forget your sad ones as well,
They are the ones that actually teach you, guide you, in your times of despair.

I remembered all the good things today,
All the memories stored deep down,
In my heart's small shelf.

I felt nice, I felt warm,
(Its good to do it sometimes you know),
But more importantly I was glad that YOU were there.
In that small cluster of things,
In that small bundle of my joys,
You were there,
Giving a warm glow from within.

I took it, I saw it all around,
And then I felt it from within.
You are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me,
Trust me, I say this from deep within.


  1. the line that touches the most
    ur the most beautiful thing that happened to me

    its a common mans story dear. so simple but so true, vague but still meaningful,hollow from within and yet so complete in itself. love creates magic and so do the beauty of these world. truely a fab work dear

  2. i have read this poem before
    may b i read it from a new lens today
    know you better than before now
    n therefore say
    these lines must have come from somewhere deep within you
    at some moments when you were very close to yourself